Print Science

Co-Creator/ Co-Director

Print Science brings images from the history of astronomy back to life in a series of cards, screen-prints and sculptural framed objects.

John Hooper and I combined our love of astronomy with the birth of Print Science in 2016. Having met while working with super/collider, we began collecting books with lithographs and etchings from the era of astronomy just before photographic technology took over. The images they were finding were accompanying the most poetic texts, no longer seen in the pages of the modern astronomy books. An intrinsic part of their work involves keeping the context between the images and the written words. 

The development of the project was an attempt to preserve the original books for the future whilst making them accessible to everyone. Instead of removing the pages from the books, we carefully photograph the images to create work which reflects and enhances the originals.

Print Science items are currently on sale at the Turner Contemporary on on their online shop, to run along side the exhibition: A place that exists only in moonlight: Katie Paterson & JMW Turner.