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Photon Film Screening at Project/ Poetry

  • The Station House Durham DH1 4SE (map)

Photon Film will be screened at Project/ Poetry at the Station House in Durham curated by Alex Carr and Lee Mackenzie. The event will intersperse video and live performance of spoken word, poetry and prose on the theme of ‘perspective’.

The film was made in collaboration with John Hooper.

Near the surface, a photon makes contact with the lens of an eye, where it is focused on a small spot on the retina. There, it is finally absorbed by a protein inside a cone cell, which sends an electrical signal to the brain and marks the end of the million year journey of a photon from the centre of the sun. The artists have produced a film of the result of physical light experiments, looking at light and interrupting the passage of photons, manipulating their pathways and combining a sound-scape to fully immerse the view in their world. This film offers a new perspective of space, our sun and one of the fundamental elements of life; light.