Pale Blue Dot Collective

A Pale Blue Dot Collective is a curatorial and research project by Louise Beer and John Hooper.

Through exhibitions, performances, screenings and symposiums we endeavour to bring a new perspective about the detrimental impact of climate change, not only us as individuals, our societies but all life and all environments. Framing the impact through the eyes of evolution and the immense time period it has taken for each form of life to arrive at this point, we want to create a space for discussion around the damage we are collectively participating in and its universal impact.

We recently had the honour of interviewing Lord Martin Rees at this home in Cambridge. Through this incredibly opportunity, has sprung a new research project which we will share the details of soon.

Lord Martin Rees/ Pale Blue Dot Collective
Lord Rees was generous enough to answer one of our own questions, about the impact that finding other life in the universe would have on us as individuals and as society as a whole. Lord Rees' moving response has sparked a new part of our research project. 

Music: Michael Wildsmith

Lord Martin Rees/ Nablus Festival
Louise Beer and John Hooper had the immense pleasure of interviewing Martin Rees for Nablus Festival in Palestine. Lord Rees was asked a series of questions by local Nablus English students which Louise relayed to him. Watch the video to glimpse into his astounding knowledge. This film was screened at Nablus Festival in April 2018.

Music: Michael Wildsmith